Bespoke Stationery

Bespoke stationery offers infinite choice enabling you to tailor make your personal stationery, business card, or invitation to reflect you and the message you want to get across.  We are able to offer the following printing techniques:

Litho Printing

Full colour quality printing or flat spot colours, with fast turnaround.

Die Stamping – engraved dies

Outstanding results for stationery, crests, logos or invitations suitable for solid and fine line designs. Laser compatible.

Thermography – raised printing

A practical alternative to die stamping. Although not recommended for heavy solids or very fine typefaces. Please specify if laser compatibility is required.

Blind Embossing

Produced using a single depth engraved die. Best results attained with softer, off-white and coloured materials. Multi level dies deliver impressive 3D results, but are more costly.

Foil Blocking

Highly effective with gloss, matt or metallic foils. Enhance the effect with blind embossing. Most foils are laser compatible.

Letter Press, Copper Plate


An example of shades of white, colours, and textures available are shown below. (click to enlarge)


If you have a pantone colour to match then simply give us the reference.

Matching stationery

If you have some favourite old stationery you would like copied then we will endeavour to match it for you.