D) A5 Chocolate Brown Leather


Chocolate brown leather with matching suede lining envelope pocket with stamp pocket and calendar/name card/photo holder.

Size: A5 210mm x 146mm
*Exclusive to the Stationery Line
*Made in England




The A5 cases take A5 paper, A5 writing pads, C5 envelopes, and 152mm x 110mm post cards.

The Duke cases take Duke No.2 writing pads 178mm x 137mm, Duke envelopes 95mm x 143mm, 152mm x 110mm post cards and C5 envelopes.

For plain or personalised writing pads & envelopes please contact enquiries@thestationeryline.co.uk

Each case comes in a tissue-lined, bespoke rigid box. Please contact us if you would like your case(s) personalised at an additional cost of £25.00 per case.


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