Lamy abc Mechanical Pencil


The LAMY abc pencil is made of maple wood, cap and die made of red or blue plastic. With anti-slip, rubberised plastic grip.

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The special design meets the needs of children and the shaped grip assists natural, relaxed positioning of the fingers. Made of maple wood, cap and cube of red plastic. Non-slip, rubberised plastic grip with triangular profile. Pack contains a set of write-on name stickers in various colours. The 1.4-mm-thick replaceable HB Lamy refill is virtually unbreakable and because it requires only slight pressure to write encourages a relaxed grip. Advance and retract the lead by twisting the end cube.

A Lamy mechanical pencil can be operated as easily as a ballpoint pen. Just press until the lead point appears – and simply write. Or sketch. Or draw. If the lead refill is used up, just press once more – and then you’re ready to go again.  We also stock replacement leads.

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